Oslo-based Designer & Art Director

Kygo Sound
Kygo Life is a brand committed to constantly push the boundaries for fashion and lifestyle products. So when it came time to launch the new pro-line of headphones we were tasked with creating a companion app that both engages the target audience and lets them keep their headphones continuously up to date.
Statskog Webdesign
Statskog SF is a state-owned enterprise with history dating back to 1860. The redesigned new Statskog.no goal was to inspire and showcase all the various outdoor opportunities for community reasons, wrapped up in a good user experience.
The Accidental Pervert
Poster for the Norwegian production of "The Accidental Pervert", a monologue based on a true story about an eleven year old boy who is abandoned by his father. All that is left is a frayed family and a cardboard box full of dubious male role models. The performance balances on the very edge between humor and sadness, and the audience gets to sob of both laughter and tears.
NJORD Organic Restaurant
A restaurant concept that combines seasonal and local products with "New Nordic Cuisine" in mind.
Ruseløkka Microbrewery
Johannessen & Jentsch wanted to create a more personal christmas gift so they came up with two different kind of brews. And this is the result of the branding for "J", the first batches of beer from Ruseløkka Microbrewery.
Brand Identity for IKONIC APPAREL AS handle the sales of NEUW Denim, Human Scales & the authentic British street fashion brand FRED PERRY in Norway. They are apparel pushers, marketeers and retail experts in love with what they do and the brands they market.
IKEA Sales Campaign
Sales campaign for IKEA Norway with cardboard typography.
Preview 11 - Magazine
A magazine in 9.000 editions about Sweden with all it’s talents and how a process is defined by different people.
Diesel YUK - The Pre-Internet Shoe
Relaunching the Diesel YUK shoe as The Pre-Internet shoe, urging users to stop oversharing online.
RiksTV - Winter Olympics VS. Everyday Life
It’s easy to forget all the appointments and duties of everyday life that will prevent us from watching the Olympics on TV. We decided to pick out real examples of everyday events that would take place in Norway at the exact same time as Olympic events on TV.
IKEA Second Hand Campaign
To tell people about IKEA´s focus on sustainability, we found customers about to buy something new at IKEA, and helped them to sell something old. We used our marketing-budget on their second-hand furniture, and shared all of our advertising space online for more than eight weeks.
IKEA Sandwich Manuals
For a small part of IKEA Norways new campaign "Where a good day starts" they wanted to show a step by step guide on how to make different kinds of sandwiches.
The IKEA BERÖRA kit eliminates the need to choose between warm hands and using a touchscreen device.
Arla Redesign
Redesign concept for Arla's popular dairy products in Sweden.