N j ǫ r ð r

A restaurant concept that combines seasonal and local products with "New Nordic Cuisine" in mind. 

The idea is to combine seasonal, regional and organic ingredients at affordable rates. The range of the menu will change with the nordic seasons and local raw materials availability. The concept will also convey accountability, promotion of animal welfare, sustainable production and eco-awareness. The customers will quickly be aware of that it doesn’t have to be expensive to eat or maintain a healthy lifestyle, a relatively unique combination in this restaurant segment.

The saying "Dig where you stand" will serve as guiding principles for the restaurant and provide evidence of how to usefully employ and rely on local producers and commodities.
S E A S O N A L  M E N U S

The short travelled food will be delivered with a story of its origin and transformation between seasons will be clearly represented in the menu. Regional, sustainable and economical food is three of Njord's most important ingredients.
winter menu / december - february
spring menu / march - may
summer menu / june - august
fall menu / september - november