Long story sh–rt.

sh–rt. is a short presentation format for all creative minds seeking inspiring stories from all areas of innovation and design.
The conference invites everyone interested in interactive- or moving media to an evening of 4-6 quick 10-minute short talks from studios and individual artists in the industry. As interactive- and moving media continue to intersect, we want to gather and encourage conversations around our constant changing industry. The content of the talks are entirely up to the artists as long as it’s related to either interactivity, motion design, technology or animation. Whether it’s about a passion project, an emerging technology, a special workflow, a controversial theme, an interesting story, or just really weird stuff, is up to the speaker(s).
The event is held quarterly in Oslo for designers interested in talks about tech, motion and digital design.

Talk the talk

The project and event has been developed by designers - for designers.
It is a forum for inspiration and should at the same time inspire others through open dialogue about what we are most passionate about – the many forms of design. The profile reflects all the different impressions we take in every day from our favorite design repository, inspirational blogs, typographic trends, colors that compete for attention but in a balanced profile. The profile of the event has to leave enough visual breathing room for others' visual projects when promoted in the form of social media posts on Instagram and Facebook. 
The result is a profile where all approaches to design, layout and bold but informative typography take place.
Playful and colorful language includes and represents the creativity and diversity that characterizes sh–rt.
Music: Dusty Dots - Upright T-Rex Music

sh–rt. list
Art Direction & Design Nicklas Hellborg Design Emil Karlsson Motion Design Kim Holm, Eirik Huse, Christian Ruud, Roy Kristoffersen​​​​​​​ 
Thanks to Magnus Bergman, Victoria Karlsson, Sigurd Kristiansen, Grafill Animasjon & Motion Design​​​​​​​, Katinka Lund Bergskaug