When someone buys a new IKEA sofa, the old one is likely to end up on the junk yard even if it´s still good. We think it´s sad because we love furniture. And even if we want people to buy our new furniture, we don´t like to see old furniture go to waste,. We wanted to raise sustainability awareness, through targeting a narrow group; people about to buy new furniture. We decided to help our customers sell their old furniture in national media.

"Nima found a new sofa in the IKEA Catalogue… and is selling the old one. Call Nima at 941 66 916"

We asked customers about to buy new IKEA-furniture: "Can we help you sell your old furniture?" Lot´s of people said yes, and we chose approx. 50 real people for the campaign, and started collecting their old furniture. Then we produced print ads, TVC spots and banners for these old products featuring the sellers phone numbers. For 8 weeks we shared all of IKEA´s advertising space with our customers. We turned IKEA´s facebook page into a digital flea market where people could sell their old products every sunday. 


Selling single pieces of old furniture in national media, and sharing the advertising space with our customers, sends a powerful message of sustainability.We showed that we mean business in finding new homes for old sofas, cabinets and chairs, by putting them before our own.Yet we had a 40% increase in our sales of the new products online. Sales in stores increased by 5,5 %. All ads featured the new IKEA-catalogue as packshot, and the number downloaded catalogue apps increased from 115 000 to over 200 000.   

And hey, all the old products were sold as well.

Agency: SMFB | Art & Copy: Alexander Gjersøe & Hans Magne Ekre | Graphic Design: Nicklas Hellborg | Photographer: Billy Bonkers | Production Company: Animasjonsdepartementet, Factory | Film Director: Marc Reisbig | Production Company Producer: Jakob Thommessen | Digital Artwork: Stina Norgren | Web Producer: Christoffer Lorang Dahl | Account Director: Kristian Kristiansen | Account Manager: Hanne Grobstock, Mari Engen, Tonje Skjetne Bjørnerem | Motion Graphic Artist: Arnar Lind Halldórsson

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